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Kyle Rote Jr. is fulfilling a meaningful life by sharing his talents and time as a renowned public speaker for sports to athletes all over the world. As a respected athlete himself, he understands the challenges, pains and joys including sacrifices and goals of every athlete. It is with this personal connection that he focuses his commitment by empowering athletes like him to be more than who they think they are.

​Kyle Rote Jr. started his career as an American soccer forward who played for the North American Soccer League for seven successful seasons. In 1973, he led the NASL to victory. In the expanse of his career between 1973 to 1975, he earned five caps with the United States men's national soccer. 

Kyle holds a prestigious title as Soccer Hall of Famer that he earned from his outstanding performance in the North American Soccer League?s Scoring title. He takes pride in playing for the national team of the United States of America, bringing honor to his country with commendable victories. 

In the 1970's, Kyle Rote Jr. dominated the scene in the popular Superstars Competition aired on ABC-TV's "Wide World of Sports" where he faced and victoriously won against three Gold Medalists of the Olympic Decathlon and renowned personalities including Roger Staubach, OJ Simpson, Bobby Hull, Sugar Ray Leonard, Reggie Jackson, Lynn Swann and others. He led a successful career before he dedicated his time as Kyle Rote Jr. motivational speaker.

With decades of accomplished career, Kyle generously shares his experience to others as a motivational speaker. Kyle Rote Jr. public speaker has established a solid reputation as the premier source of motivation and inspiration for athletes around the world.