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 Kyle Rote Jr.

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Rote Jr, American Superstar athlete who entered the competition as the best-known US soccer player in a sport that was desperate for publicity and left it in 1977 as a household name.
Kyle Rote Jr. stands out as the trusted name in the field of sports for his commendable performances and contributions since 1970's. Being America's first soccer superstar, he has earned a solid reputation of being one of the pillars in American sports history. 
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Kyle Rote Jr. shares his experiences, knowledge, learnings and achievements to the world through public speaking engagements. He has inspired numerous athletes to believe in themselves and achieve their goals through self-improvement and motivation. Up to this time, he continues his endeavor with passion, optimism, and dedication. As a believer in true potential, he takes pride to stand for every aspiring and continuing athlete to empower each and every one of them to discover their inner strengths and capabilities and surface them to share to the world. He encourages young minds to turn their dreams into goals and to find the courage and inspiration to make it to the top.
With tremendous achievements in his career, including being named as the greatest athlete of all time by ESPN The Magazine in its "The year 2000 - Special Edition" in the world of sports, he takes his success to higher grounds by becoming a source of inspiration to many. Famously known as Kyle Rote Jr. motivational speaker, he is dedicated to empowering athletes and the sports industry as a whole to make a significant change. Marking his footprint in the industry, he also aims for other athletes success. 
Backed by outstanding years as an athlete and retired CEO of a sports agency he founded, he has proven his reputation as the expert and authority on sports. Take the opportunity to be motivated, empowered and inspired by a respected and renowned American soccer superstar who rose to excellence with the heart to lift you to where you want to be - Kyle Rote Jr. public speaker.
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